Elle S'app Split

on Saturday, August 23, 2008
What. The. Fuck? I go away to Edinburgh (which brought new meaning to the word "wet") then find out one of my favourite bands of the last year or so have packed it in after ONE single. Proponents of BossPop along with fellow Liverpudlians goFASTER>>, Elle s'appelle were one of the most exuberant and amazingly catchy trios about.

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Oft compared to Canadian twosome Mates Of State, the thrillingly infectious synth pop of Elle S'appelle saw them release their first (and last) single, 'Little Flame' on the consistently brilliant Moshi Moshi label. And of course, their career defining appearance on KHI podcast #4 [link]. I'd even tipped them for the top this year in my Futuresounds list [link]. Talk about letting the team down. The real shame is that I never saw them live but for anyone like me, at least we can relive the good times via this BBC Radio 2 Janice Long session from earlier this year.

Announcing their split on [MySpace], Andy S'appelle indicated that he would be playing with 28 Costumes for the time being but there was no news on Lucy or Owen's future. Massive lameathon.

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