Offset Festival Sunday Preview

on Saturday, August 30, 2008
After the [preview] of Saturday at [Offset], I shall finish the job like the consummate professional that I am. If you'd like a different perspective on who to see, consult Jamila at [FUCKING DANCE] or the esteemed users of the [DiS messageboard]. A real shame that the likes of Grabba Grabba Tape, Voxpop and Dananananaykroyd pulled out but here's some highlights from the Sunday line up:

Fight Like Apes (Main Stage, 15.00-15.30)
Probably the closest thing to "fight pop" this side of Dananananaykroyd, feisty synth karate rock from Dublin. Responsible for the best lyric I've heard in years: "You're like Kentucky Fried Chicken but without the taste!". Expect me to talk lots more about them.

O.Children (E.C.C, 15.00-16.00)
Previously going by the name of Bono Must Die, O.Children have taken a sinister turn. Probably trying a bit too hard to be like Joy Division but still significantly better than their previous incarnation.

Your Friends Are Architects (Colin's Tent, 15.50-16.20)
I live with three architects in my first year of uni. But anyway, this lot are effectively the less pretentious younger brothers of Foals. Let's hope they can emulate their counterpart's success.

Future Of The Left (Main Stage, 17.30-18.00)
Forming from the respective ashes of Mclusky and Jarcrew, Welsh trio FOTL had much to live up to. And they've done just that, stepping out of the shadow of their former bands with ease. It's just a shame they decided not to make 'Suddenly It's A Folk Song' a single, which would have surely propelled them to minor commercial success.

My Vitriol (Guitar Hero Rock Stage, 20.15-21.15)
A band that killed their own hype by announcing an indefinate hiatus at the height of their powers. Except they didn't. Since returning in late 2006, they've been consistently playing to large audiences and presumably must still have the spark that led them to their initial success.

I'm a bit tired so I'll run off a few names that will probably be worth catching - Hoodlums, Kids Love Lies, Slow Club, Dark Captain Light Captain and Kasms. Also, once again plenty of Keep Hope Inside alumni on offer - Popular Workshop, Operahouse, Hot Club de Paris, Blood Red Shoes and The Maccabees. Then there's Gang Of Four headlining. All in all, if this isn't one of the best festivals of the year, something will have had to have gone seriously wrong.

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