George Lamb Versus Fight Like Apes

on Sunday, September 14, 2008
Fight Like Apes are a bit like Father Jack from cult tv show 'Father Ted' - outspoken, potty mouthed, Oirish and above all, awesome. Seriously, the chorus/refrain/whatever to one of their songs is "shit, shit, shit, shit, bang, bang". Classy.

Arguably another band spearheading the "fight pop" movement along with Dananananaykroyd and Johnny Foreigner, their mental concoction of scuzzy synth pop has not quite enraptured the masses like their aforementioned contemporaries despite actually being significantly poppier. Which is a shame.

Having fallen in love with them after hearing 'Jake Summers' prior to its release sometime last autumn, I finally managed to catch their ace hyperactive live set at Offset. In fact, Offset on the whole was ace but maybe I'll talk about that some other time. But any band responsible for a line like "You're like Kentucky Fried Chicken but without the taste" and references to wrestling moves deserves your attention quite frankly.

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They popped into BBC 6Music studios for a quickie back in March with the internet's most hated radio DJ George Lamb. Hence yet another installment of my George Lamb versus music saga was waiting to be unleashed. And despite the fact I have quite clearly been brainwashed to love everything that Fight Like Apes do, I think this is a pretty thrilling session. 2 songs and eight minutes later, if you can't accept that Fight Like Apes are one of the most vibrant pop bands around then you're rubbish.

Fight Like Apes will be releasing their debut album, 'Fight Like Apes And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion' (mouthful or what) on September 26th. Produced by John Goodmason, whose recent work includes Los Campesinos! and Sky Larkin as well as past efforts with Sleater-Kinney etc. You'll be able to stream the album from the 19th on, which has set up its own dedicated Fight Like Apes mini-site.

p.s mega apologies for lack of posting. I've been flathunting, working from 7.30am-7.30pm most days, just come back from a wedding and still need to sort out my dissertation. I daren't look at my email inbox.

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