Sam Isaac vs James Yuill

on Tuesday, September 23, 2008
I honestly don't know why but I shunned both Sam Isaac and James Yuill for quite a long time last year. I guess I must have thought they were just another couple of crappy singer songwriters, artists I could hardly muster a care about let alone considering hating. Then I heard 'Sideways' and 'No Surprise', two absolutely fantastic songs covering a great distance on the male solo artist spectrum.

Sam Isaac uses the age old formula of soothing vocals and strumming guitar yet somehow transcends that to produce wonderfully captivating heartache pop (perfectly exhibited by the wondrous 'Sideways'). The kind of music that makes the masses get their lighters out and sway. Except that won't really happen anymore what with the smoking ban. He also does some pretty decent head nodding, foot tapping stuff too.

James Yuill, on the other hand, is about as far away from the traditional singer songwriter format that you can get, while still being relatively mainstream. His brand of folktronica echoes Mr Isaac's heartache pop ethos but with an understandably dancier vibe. Not to mention that he's on one of my favourite labels, Moshi Moshi.

And now to the point of this post - James Yuill has remixed the lead track from Sam Isaac's new EP, released on September 29th on Alcopop! Records. Transforming the synthy, poppy 'Sticker, Star & Tape' into a more a melodramatic offering, Yuill clearly stamps his mark on the track. And just because I'm being extra nice today, you can have a live version of 'No Surprise' from the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend this summer.

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