Eugene McGuinness

on Tuesday, October 07, 2008
You're not often let down by a member of the Domino Records roster (whose famous alumi include Pavement and ...Trail Of The Dead, along with more recent luminaires Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys), so it was pretty unsurprising when last year's mini album from Eugene McGuinness was well received. And isn't just extra nice when Domino decide to give away one of his songs for free?

Admittedly, the freebie is in aid of Eugene's self titled full length album dealio as well as the [digital download service] that Domino is offering. But no-one really minds I'm sure. Especially as it means I can share Eugene's eccentric gypsy folk with you all.

Moving away from his Liverpudlian peers who are specialising in infectious indie pop (the likes of The Wombats, goFASTER>>, My Amiga and not forgetting the recently departed Elle S'appelle), Eugene McGuinness manages to meld lo-fi with grandiosity. Moulded by his diverse upbringing and former band Karmen Vega, he's ended up a bit like Jeffrey Lewis meets The Kinks or some equally ridiculous mish-mash.

'Eugene McGuinness' will be released on October 13th, followed by first single 'Moscow State Circus' (see the embed above for the video complete with dancing fencers) on October 27th. For more details on Eugene and buying his stuff, head to [Domino].

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