The Pan I Am

on Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Remember Larrikin Love? No? They were one of the best bands to emerge from The Libertines' shadow knocking out a solitary (reasonably) acclaimed album before calling it a day rather unexpectedly. Frontman Edward Larrikin decided to forge on with a new venture. Despite reading a couple of interviews ([here] and [here]), I'm still unsure whether The Pan I Am is actually meant to be a "solo" project or not. Definately a rubbish name though. Not that I'm one to talk about naming things.

The recording of 'This Is Vanilla Death Baby' from SXSW earlier in the year recollects the "gypsy punk" of Larrikin Love but with a darker tone. I suspect this might be a reasonable representation of The Pan I Am, having listened to the other track on the MySpace. However, recent [free download single] 'Young God/Bad Thing' is a bit of a mixed bag, as the title suggests. And much more interesting in my opinion. Combining wondrous dream pop and "industrial spoken word", it seems to be an attempt at attracting two separate audiences more than anything. Yet there's something special in that sea of incoherance - the divide between the sinister and the romantic is somehow overcome. See what you think anyway.

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