TV On The Radio

on Monday, December 01, 2008
I don't think TV On The Radio really need any introduction. Or maybe they do? While the Brooklyn-ites have been smothered with critical acclaim, any large scale commercial success appears to elude them. Instead, fellow Brooklyn dwellers such as Vampire Weekend and MGMT have achieved far greater sales. At least in the UK. Seeing as Keep Hope Inside is not just about the newest of the new, I thought I'd have a ponder about the underappreciation of TV On The Radio.

Why is it that commercial prosperity has not followed the critical plaudits? It would be easy to point to the relative experimentalism and abstract lyrical content. But that's hardly stopped Radiohead. The lack of a breakthrough single is where I would point the finger. Or Kyp Malone's ridiculous (by ridiculous, I mean amazing) facial hair and afro combo. No but really, where Radiohead had 'Creep', TV On The Radio have a void. Which is a major surprise considering they have had two stunning "pop" singles - 'Staring At The Sun' and 'Wolf Like Me'. In fact, check the embed out below for their performance of the latter on The Late Show with Letterman - probably the most intense live tv performance I've ever seen, even Letterman loved that shit.

Will this year's new album 'Dear Science' produce the breakthrough? I'm not sure. Mainly as I haven't listened to it but also with the Bowie-esque 'Golden Age' not really making any significant impact. Like many bands before them, I suspect it won't be until after they split that the money flows in. Anyways, here's TV On The Radio.....on the radio, with the aforementioned 'Golden Age' and a recreation of the unmixed version of 'Family Tree' from the album.

Buy 'Dear Science' for £8.99 at [Piccadilly Records].

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