Away We Go, Alexi Murdoch

on Thursday, May 07, 2009
It should be painfully clear that I have an affection for music. I also have a passion for film, which you may not be aware of, unless you follow my [Twitter] feed. So it brings me great joy to be able to combine such interests in one wholesome blog post.

away we go sam mendes alexi murdoch mp3
Sam Mendes was last seen directing 'Revolutionary Road', starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. 'Titanic' on land. It looked awful. However, after that he went and did what all Oscar winning directors do - make a little indie comedy called ['Away We Go']. While it follows the new "indie" conventions of a) quirky family, b) cartoon animation sequences, c) roadtrip, and d) hippy soundtrack, none of that stopped 'Little Miss Sunshine' from being an excellent film. And the DeVotchka led soundtrack for that film was just as good as the film itself.

The trailer (see embed below) for 'Away We Go' popped up sometime in March and I was immediately drawn in. Not least by the backing song - heartfelt acoustica at its best, which gave me a similar vibe to the first time I heard 'The Outdoor Type'. Seeing as that is one of my favourite songs ever, any comparison is a massive compliment.

After some furious googling, I discovered that this track was written by some bloke called Alexi Murdoch. Still not really clued up on his background but he showed enough promise in 2006 to be named by Rolling Stone as "one to watch". 'All Of My Days' is one step toward fulfilling that potential. I have high expectations for both the film and the soundtrack, which is largely composed of Murdoch tracks. Hopefully we can get two happy endings.

'Away We Go' premieres on June 5th in America and will be opening the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 17th. The soundtrack will be available from June 2nd digitally.

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