Intimacy Remixed

on Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Bloc Party have a new album out this week. A couple of years ago, I'd probably have been pretty excited. Now, I'm pretty indifferent.

It's not just the fact that following the fantastic debut album 'Silent Alarm', we have seen ever diminishing returns in the forms of 'A Weekend In The City' and the most recent effort 'Intimacy'. No, it's more to do with the fact that this new album is a remix album. While I didn't really listen to the alterno versions offered on 'Silent Alarm Remixed', I just wonder what the point really is of a remix album. A showcase for new artists? An opportunity for Bloc Party tracks to be played in dance clubs across the world? Or just a shameless cash-in?

However, I thought it'd be unfair to tarnish 'Intimacy Remixed' with such ignorance, before I've even bothered to listen to it. Especially when it's available on Spotify (leave a comment with your email, if you need). There are some interesting names involved too - the likes of Mogwai and Armand Van Helden being joined by the likes of Gold Panda and KHI fave Banjo Or Freakout. It also seems to include the last ever remix by Paul Epworth under his 'Phones' moniker. Ultimately, my opinion on the album hasn't changed much, which is a shame really.

I do however think the We Have Band dub of 'Halo' is ace, unfortunately I don't have that to post. Instead, have an equally ace track, in the form of Bloc Party semi-covering Prince's 'I Would Die For You' live at Reading Festival 2008.

If, like me, you were unsatisfied with the remix efforts but if, unlike me, you have remix talents then go forth and remix 'Signs', 'Ares' or 'Ion Square' at []. Or all three if you fancy.

If, on the other hand, you actually really liked 'Intimacy Remixed' then buy it at [Play] or at [Piccadilly Records] which should soon have the epic triple LP version on sale.

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