The Longcut

on Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Mancunian experimentalists The Longcut have just announced details of their second album, 'Open Hearts'. Hurrah! It follows the 2006 debut 'A Call And Response' released on the Deltasonic label.

The band have since parted with Deltasonic and in the age of non-traditional release models have opted to make 'Open Hearts' downloadable immediately on MP3/FLAC for those who order it prior to the October 5th release date. Bloc Party did a similar dealio for their third studio LP 'Intimacy', albeit holding a couple of tracks back for the physical release. The Longcut however are allowing fans to get hold of all the tracks a good few months earlier than the CD and vinyl releases by ordering through [Melodic].

Not only that, they've elected to donate a free mp3 ('Tell You So') to tickle our pickle as well as showcasing a selection of album tracks on their MySpace. Although I must admit, offering up a track clocking in at over 6 minutes is somewhat brave. Then again, it worked for The Horrors with their 8 minute odyssey 'Sea Within A Sea'. While that track signified a vast change in orientation for The Horrors, The Longcut's second album appears to be very much in the same experimental electronica meets dancedance post-rock mould that they carved a niche for with their previous material.

With 'A Call And Response' going largely unnoticed, let's hope that this new album turns some heads. And finally, I simply have to point you to the wonderful [video] of the equally wonderful single 'A Tried And Tested Method', which I gushed about on here ages ago.


For full details on how to order the album and information on forthcoming tour dates, head over to [].

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