on Saturday, September 26, 2009
One of the most amazing singles last year came from Southend's Baddies, a hotbed for recent musical talent including These New Puritans and The Horrors. The single 'Battleships' was touted as The Futureheads meets Queens Of The Stone Age, a thrilling 134 second rollercoaster ride. I immediately pegged them as ones to keep an eye on in 2009.

baddies do the job free mp3 review

A year or so on, Baddies are about to release their debut album, 'Do The Job'. It's already out digitally (on the cheap as well, only a fiver here) but comes out in physical form from the 28th. That's this Monday for those too lazy to consult a calendar. They're also heading out on a pretty substantial tour, headlining dates in the UK and across Europe over the next couple of months. Not bad going.

Early reviews have compared the album to The Hives and Talking Heads, along with aforementioned Futureheads/QOTSA nods. And one extremely favourable review even mentioned Spandau Ballet. Make of that what you will.

Preorder 'Do The Job' on CD at Play and check tour details here.

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