DARTZ 2005-2009

on Tuesday, September 29, 2009
"DARTZ were a Math rock group from Middlesbrough...." begins the obituary on DARTZ's (old?) website, before proceeding to explain what DARTZ, Middlesbrough and math rock are all about. I won't bother regurgitating the information - mainly because they have, with what appears to be judicious copy and pasting of Wikipedia. What I will say though is that DARTZ were good, and at times great. See brilliant singles 'Once, Twice, Again!' and St. Petersburg' for evidence.

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I sadly missed their final gig in Kingston the other night but I trust it was a fitting farewell for an underappreciated band. They lost an exclamation mark along the way and are survived by a debut album, 'This Is My Ship', released on Xtra Mile.

"Don't forget us". We won't. Goodbye DARTZ.

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