Pavement Reform So Here's A Cover

on Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Understandably, the initial report on Brooklyn Vegan that seminal indie rock band Pavement were reforming for NYC gigs in 2010 was met with scepticism. Then KABOOM! Pitchfork confirmed the rumours. To an extent. Good enough for most so good enough for me.

Having said all that, I find myself in a similar state of mind as to when Pixies reformed for live performances and another stab at music. As a casual fan, I wasn't really fussed enough to pay 40 quid or whatever to see the band. Likewise, Pavement's return doesn't have me bouncing off the walls. Nonetheless, I appreciate their influence and am taking the opportunity to quickly mention a band that were inspired by Pavement (and Pixies and Sonic Youth, Fugazi etc). That band being Kill Kenada.

Back in 2004, it really seemed like Kill Kenada would establish themselves as one of the major "alternative" bands of the time. Alas, an album didn't appear until late 2005 and the buzz had died down long before. It actually depresses me a bit writing about the band, knowing that they should have been so much more successful and popular. I'm not even sure they're still going.

One day I'll get around to sharing all my thoughts on Kill Kenada. Until that day comes, I leave you with a live radio session version of Pavement's 'Grounded', which Kill Kenada recorded for Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 in 2003(?).

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