Johnny Foreigner: A Confessional

on Monday, September 14, 2009
While today has been relatively triumphant - culminating in my text appearing on the BBC US Open tennis coverage - I let the team down yesterday. I was meant to go to a free Johnny Foreigner show in London, which was being recorded for the DVD to accompany forthcoming album, 'Grace And The Bigger Picture'. I didn't quite make it. Blame a hangover and lack of (available/not busy) friends. Here ends the confessional.

At around the same time that JoFo were playing that free show, the video to their new single ('Criminals') popped up on the interweb. It's embedded above. Not quite as catchy-shouty as free download single 'Feels Like Summer', the first glimpse of 'Grace And The....' but much of the same otherwise. All the special Johnny Foreigner ingredients are there - boy-girl vocal interplay, crashing drums, chugging bass, frenzied guitar lines and with that occasional splash of gang vocals. But the video's a bit gash. Maybe that's just me though.

Anyways, after debut album 'Waited Up 'Til It Was Light' lived up to expectations, I suspect that the forthcoming LP shall be similarly great. Here's hoping. And sorry again for possibly stealing someone's place at the free show then not coming. Bad times, I know.

'Criminals' is out on October 12th, followed by 'Grace And The Bigger Picture' on Oct 26th. While all that's happening, there's also a UK tour with Tellison and Japanese Voyeurs.

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