on Wednesday, September 02, 2009
Been hearing a bit of positive chat about 'Ignore The Ignorant', the new album from The Cribs, and their first with ex-Smiths (and I guess, ex-Modest Mouse now) bloke Johnny Marr. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet myself but head on over to and fill your boots with the "exclusive" stream. I hate that word.

It seems somewhat relevant ("Don't You Want To Be Relevant?") that today's featured band share a hometown with The Cribs. And more to the point, had their debut single produced by Cribs member Ryan Jarman. The band in question being Wakefield's Pavilion and that single being 'Spoils Of War', voted #25 in John Earls' list of top 50 singles in 2008 on Channel 4 teletext.

Must admit I was less of a fan of 'Spoils Of War', finding it hard to look past an obvious comparison to that hit by The Last Shadow Puppets. Still, it's not bad and I quite like the video (embedded above). Also, The Guardian compared them to The Hoosiers so anything I say is bound to be a bit more complimentary. And indeed, the track I'm posting is pretty sodding great.

'Clarity' is The Postal Service meets Weezer with a quintessential British summertime twist. Although melodically uplifting, its lyrics examine relationship issues. Maybe it's not all jolly good fun in Wakey? Regardless, this is a pop classic. Seeing as their first single sold out, I'm hoping 'Clarity' will be single number two for Pavilion on the brilliant Alcopop label. I'd buy about 3 copies myself.


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