Channel 4 3D Week

on Sunday, November 15, 2009
I'm not sure how I feel about current 3D televisual material. Sure it's a gimmick but there's something kind of amazing in seeing things pop out the screen (occasionally - Note to 3D people: use sparingly). And of course there's the upcoming James Cameron film 'Avatar' apparently set to destroy all negative perceptions of 3D and launch a new cinematic revolution. Or something.

Channel 4 3D Moustache Week

Seeing as 3D is already having a minor renaissance toward the end of the Noughties, British television channel Channel 4 are having a "3D Week", showing several programmes in 3D. The whole list is here but some choice picks include:

- The Queen in 3D 3D footage of the Coronation?! (Mon 16th Nov, 9pm)
- Derren Brown Presents the 3D Magic Spectacular Gash title but magic's always fun and Derren Brown is usually particularly fascinating. (Mon 16th Nov, 10pm)
- Friday the 13th Part III in 3D Jason's back to kill lots of stupid teenagers. Yawn. Blood spatter might be exciting in 3D though. (Fri 20 Nov, 10pm)

You can pick up a pair of those dodgy red/blue flimsy 3D glasses in your local Sainsburys. But they are free. In case you were wondering, as I was before I went to see Toy Story in 3D, the 3D glasses you get at cinemas are much better and can even be worn on top of spectacles. Anyways, you can see me sporting a pair of the crappy free 3D glasses above. Sexy time.

Oh and if you're puzzled/intrigued/aroused/all three by the moustache, it's Movember and I'm raising money for The Prostate Cancer Charity. Any donations are very much appreciated so please donate away by clicking 'Donate To Me' here.

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