You Animals

on Monday, November 16, 2009
A couple of years ago, it really looked like Komakino might break through. Appearances on an NME backed tour, tour support for Bloc Party and a hyped single released on Drowned In Sound Recordings were promising signs. Sadly, it didn't quite work out. But there could yet be a happy ending.

After Komakino split, some of the existing members went onto form You Animals. While Komakino were clearly influenced by post-punk (the name was derived from a Joy Division track), they weren't afraid of pop as the brilliant single 'Say Something Else' proved. You Animals have more than embraced that pop-punk side, with hyperactive anthems like 'Theme From You Animals' and debut single 'Halfway To Heartbreak'. They even have a song called 'Your Own Worst Enemy', possibly inspired by the the similarly titled song by American pop-punksters Lit.

They've also rather sneakily plundered the Komakino back catalogue, giving away a re-recorded 'Shotgun Valentine' as a free download. Kicking it old school, one might say. Ironically, this material is more mature and abandons the bouncy enthusiasm of the poppier songs, instead going for an epic Hope Of The States-esque vibe. Although maybe that comparison is a bit too aspirational.

With the band now part of Fear And Records family (joining the likes of Johnny Foreigner, Sky Larkin and Rolo Tomassi) and having gone into the studio with former Forward, Russia! blokey Whiskas, things are looking good for 2010.

The 'Shotgun Valentine' download single also has a b-side, which you can download from Bandcamp.

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