BBC iPlayer: Good Night, and Good Luck

on Tuesday, November 17, 2009
[Watch until 1.14am on Thursday 19th November 2009] (UK users only)

The George Clooney and Grant Heslov combo 'The Men Who Stare At Goats' is in cinemas now and by most accounts is not that great. Therefore, I'd suggest another Clooney-Heslov collab, 'Good Night, and Good Luck', is a much worthier use of your time. Not to mention that it's free, courtesy of our good friends at the Beeb.

The 2005 film, set in the 1950s, covers the journalistic endeavour of news reporter Ed Murrow in taking on US Senator Joseph McCarthy and his spurious accusations that many members of the public were Communists or sympathisers.

BBC iPlayer: Good Night, and Good Luck
Distinctively filmed in a black and white style by Clooney, it features a quite brilliant performance by David Straitharn as Ed Murrow. A performance which embodies the film's powerful drama and merited an Oscar for Best Actor. Straitharn had to settle for a nomination and the film itself gained six Academy Awards nominations, although sadly failed to win in any category. Nonetheless, this is a must see.

In Frank Langella (whose brilliant portrayal of Richard Nixon carried 'Frost/Nixon') and Robert Downey Jr, the film's cast is bolstered even before the knowledge that Clooney also joined in with the acting. In fact, Clooney was willing to mortgage his house to make the film after an injury made him uninsurable. While Murrow is the hero of the film, Clooney is the true hero behind the fantastic 'Good Night, and Good Luck'.


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