Sir Yes Sir

on Thursday, November 19, 2009
Pavement's reunion was understandably pretty big news. But really, we've had our own version all along in the form of Sir Yes Sir.

Formed way back in 2005, they made a minor splash in 2007 (appearing on one of my old podcasts and a couple of other blogs) and to be honest, haven't done much since. Apart from be compared to Pavement by everyone. Things are a-happening soon though. A new EP out on tape and an album (on 12") are dropping. I'll repeat that - an EP out on tape and an album out on 12". I assume they'll be selling tracks digitally otherwise Sainsbury's Basics might be on the menu for the next year. Or maybe I underestimate the markets.

Sir Yes Sir (cred:
As a taster for the new stuff, I've got 'Have I Hell' to share with you. Sharing is caring. Clocking in at a concise 116 seconds, it's a breathless sprint - bass hitting, guitar chugging, drum pulverising and all in the spirit of 90s American indie rock. Pretty awesome.

So, 2010 - the triumphant return of Pavement..................and Sir Yes Sir. Well, hopefully anyway.

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