Puzzle - Patterns We Left EP

on Tuesday, November 24, 2009
A couple of year ago, it really seemed that there was a "scene" coming together in Liverpool. A hotbed of new talent featuring the likes of The Wombats, Hot Club de Paris, Elle S'Appelle, goFASTER>>, My Amiga and plenty of other exciting bands. While things haven't worked out as well as I'd hoped for a lot of the bands, maybe Liverpudlian foursome Puzzle can step up. I mean foursome does rhyme with "awesome" after all.

Puzzle - Patterns We Left
Previously characterised for their indie-pop/power-pop (track down 'Words And Actions', which was on one of my old podcasts), new EP 'Patterns We Left' is a bit whiney. I'd almost go so far as to use the word "emo". But not quite. I mean a song called 'Same Old Problems' is pretty much a giveaway and there's plenty of barbed lyrics such as "Did you ever? No, you never" and "I started laughing but it wasn't with you". Ouch.

Musically however, it's very much in the tradition of early 90s American indie rock that has become surprisingly in vogue on this blog lately (see here and here). Maybe it's something in the autumnal air.

There might not be much euphoria on 'Patterns We Left' but there sure is a fantastic sense of desperation, encapsulated by embittered lyrics, anguished vocals and jagged guitars. Would be nice if they cheered up a bit for the next release though.

Act quick to get hold of one of the 100 3" mini-CDs of 'Patterns We Left' but the EP is also downloadable from the usual outlets. More info here.


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