Trailer: Greenberg

on Thursday, November 26, 2009
It's good to see Ben Stiller take on some more "serious" roles from time to time because he's undoubtedly talented and I really don't think we need another 'Meet The Parents' sequel. Too late sadly. 2010 sees him in 'Little Fockers' but also 'Greenberg', directed by Noah Baumbach ('The Squid And The Whale') and starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rhys Ifans and Greta Gerwig.

Roger Greenberg (Stiller) is an unmotivated and unconcerned 40 year old, absolutely fine with having nothing to do. As the trailer repeatedly points out. Of course, things aren't that simple - well, I hope not anyway - otherwise, there's not much of a film to go on. Instead, the story seems to evolve into an offbeat romcom, which is probably a bit of a hard sell in writing but actually comes across fairly well in the trailer below.

Perhaps most promising/exciting is the soundtrack for the film provided by James "LCD Soundsystem" Murphy. Indeed, the trailer itself uses the brilliant 'All My Friends' and promises us new music from Mr Soundsystem. All in all, I think it could be work out pretty well.

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