on Monday, November 30, 2009
There are some songs that you can't help but listen to five, ten or even twenty times in a row. 'Everybody, Come Outside!' by Pomegranates is one of those songs. And I'm not even talking about the really annoying, instantaneously catchy ones. This is just a beautifully crafted pop song with layers that deserve to be dissected by repeated listens.

Pomegranates review mp3
Playful vocals are enveloped in an irresistable warm fuzz and moments of quiet intensity, recalling the likes of Radiohead and Arcade Fire, intersperse an overwhelming sense of hypnotic rhythm that a Vampire Weekend or a Strokes would be proud of. More than just a beckoning call, 'Everybody, Come Outside!' is a bewitching, foot tapping, head nodding anthem.

'Everybody, Come Outside!' also happens to be the name of the Pomegranates album, that's out today on Heist Or Hit Records. While it's the debut UK release from Pomegranates, this is actually their second album, released last year in North America. I haven't had a chance to listen to it but apparently "if you're a fan of The Shins, French Kicks or The Spinto Band" then 'Everybody, Come Outside!' is for you.

Buy 'Everybody, Come Outside!' at Heist Or Hit or on iTunes.

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