The Sunshine Underground

on Friday, November 06, 2009
Back in 2006/7, The Sunshine Underground were banded amongst the "new rave" (eurgh) revolution when really they were simply disciples of The Rapture's dance-punk (slightly less eurgh but still a bit unsavoury) ethos.

After a decent album and many brilliant live performances, they disappeared for a while. This week sees The Sunshine Underground back with a new EP entitled 'Everything, Right Now', lead by the track embedded below, 'Coming To Save You'.

Earlier in the year, I was sent a track from studio sessions with FC Kahuna, which won't be on the album (due out Feb 2010) as it's "too different". While 'From The City To The Sea' may be too different, it's also fantastic and probably the sound that Klaxons are searching for while their second album remains in limbo.

It's a shame then that the band are eschewing that sound in favour of a more elementary approach. Indeed, the best track from the EP, 'Everything, Right Now (Sound Of Sirens)', with its incessant synth line and ethereal multi-layered vocals is closer to the vibe of the FC Kahuna collaboration.

Anyway, for me it was always more about the energy of the live shows and the band will be doing some free intimate gigs over the next couple of weeks. More details here.

'Everything, Right Now' is available now at Pure Groove and the band go on tour across the UK in February 2010.

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