Trailer: Salt

on Thursday, November 05, 2009
Angelina Jolie is increasingly becoming the "go-to girl" for Hollywood action films. After Tom Cruise pulled out of 'Salt', the script was rewritten to situate Evelyn Salt, and not Edwin Salt, as the central character.

In recent years, Jolie has been seen in Wanted, the Tomb Raider films and Mr and Mrs Smith so it's no surprise to see her take a lead role in a big action blockbuster. 'Salt' sees Jolie outed as a Russian sleeper spy who must evade capture to prove her innocence. Basically, she's being Jason Bourne.

I'm not all that familiar with director Phillip Noyce's work but I'm always interested in whatever Liev Schreiber's involved in and a big shout out for Chiwetel Ejiofor appearing in a summer blockbuster.

Kurt Wimmer's involvement is what makes me tentative about this film. While Equilibrium was fantastic, he also made Ultraviolet, which I remember watching and thinking that it could well be one of the worst films ever. I think Brian Helgeland came onboard at a late stage to tweak Wimmer's script as well, and his track record is also inconsistent, although his work on LA Confidential far outweighs any failings.

For a teaser trailer, the film looks quite promising and has a strong portrayal of (far too thin) Jolie as a lead. The film drops on July 23rd 2010 in the USA, who knows when for the UK.

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