Nyevsky Prospect: British Albums Of The Decade

on Sunday, December 20, 2009
Rage Against The Machine are Christmas #1. I still think it was a stupid campaign. Life goes on. After publishing Jamila Fucking Dance's three favourite British albums of the decade, I'm now about to share another blogger's set, Whiskas of Nyevsky Prospect. Whiskas might be more familiar to some of you as a member of ¡Forward, Russia! or former head honcho of the Dance To The Radio record label. These days, he's focusing more on production and his "solo" project (Honour Before Glory), as well as some other bits and bobs.

The results of the blogger poll will be up shortly (with the results of a wider poll out not long after) but with none of Whiskas' choices making the top list, you can check them out below.

3. Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies - Let's Get Going.... You're Fracturing Me With Your Misery
Essential listening: 'Give An Infinity For, Or Leave The Building' and 'The If Works'

Technically a mini-album, but from the opening guitar assault and woop, this music leaves you confused, like the warm feeling where you've drunk a little too much. Destined to be the mainstream poster boys for the UK underground, but never were, this is a beautiful album of naive ideas thrown together by ambition and exuberance.

2. Duels - The Barbarians Move In
Essential listening: 'Sleeping Giants' and 'Forgotten Babies'

The closest the UK got to an unashamed, unblemished album of scope and grandeur of one pure and dogged vision. Critically lauded just doesn't cut it enough in the UK.

1. This Ain't Vegas - The Black Lung Captain
Essential listening: 'Promotion' and 'Ku Jumping'

This album was everything I hoped the stale mainstream post-punk genre would become, more Fugazi, less... I don't know. You wanted dance beats? Leave it to James Murphy. I wanted vitriol. Bloc Party's early singles hinted at it, and The Rakes flirted with it, but nothing came close to this.


Thanks again to Whiskas, head over to his blog, Nyevsky Prospect. Also if anyone fancies joining in, I'm running a more open poll (200 entries already compiled) on people's favourite British albums of the decade. Firstly, check the criteria below then list your three favourite (note: not "best", whatever that means) British albums, ranked in order of importance. Email me at music[at]fadedglamour.co.uk with your choices. You have until midnight on the 21st so have a think and act fast.

- UK release date from Jan 1 2000 - well, now.
- Sorry, no Irish albums. Bit of an arbitrary decision, nothing against Northern Ireland/Eire.
- No compilations/soundtracks/reissues.

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