New Noise: Operator Please

on Saturday, February 13, 2010
Now I was never that enamoured with Aussie tykes Operator Please. In fact, I felt the most exciting thing about the band was the news that their ex-keyboardist became a porn star. Seriously.

Anyways, they spent the last year away writing and recording their new album, and now they're back with a scuzzier sound and a weird promo photo. Yo homies, camera's over here yeah? I'm definitely not qualified to talk about fashion but I'm not down with string OR sequined tops. And sort the facial hair out, son.

Luckily, the track they've come back with 'Logic' makes up for other failings. Funky bassline. Cowbell. Punchy chorus. Dirty pop. Makes me think that new album 'Gloves' might actually be worth checking out when it comes out at the end of May.

If you pre-order 'Gloves' here, they will send you the album in mp3 format over a month before its physical release.

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