Surfacing: Disappearers

on Monday, March 22, 2010
I'm not really enjoying the fact that 2010 seems to be the year of the "viral mystery" and a sense that a band's identity should be as secretive as possible. However, if the music's brilliant then those complaints seem less important. Lucky for Disappearers then that despite their relative secrecy, the one track they've put out to the world is an infectiously rich teaser.

'Everything Straight Lies' is a bit like Belle & Sebastian with Peter Hook's basslines. A bit. I might regret that line in the future. Anyway, as the track's sinister beginnings dissipate, vibrant boy-girl vocal interplay comes to the fore before a hearty lovelorn chorus that kicks off with the fantastic lyric of "'I wish for a million wishes', said a smart arse kid on the hill". Captivating stuff.

A nod to Abeano for getting on this last month. Time for your move Disappearers, make it another good one.

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