BBC iPlayer: No Distance Left To Run (2010)

on Saturday, March 20, 2010
[Watch] (until 00.34am, Sunday 22 March)

Oasis vs Blur. The Britpop "war" seems so long ago. And with Oasis recently self-imploding (arguably many, many years too late), there seems to have been only one winner by default. But Blur themselves have had a traumatic existence, particularly regarding the fractured relationship between guitarist Graham Coxon and frontman Damon Albarn. 'No Distance Left To Run' examines the Blur story closer.

Blur - No Distance Left To Run (2010)
"This full-length feature documentary follows Blur on the reunion trail in the summer of 2009 after a ten-year hiatus as they rediscover their music and the friendships that originally inspired the band when they came together at the dawn of the 90s."

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