Trailer Catch Up: Four Lions, Predators, Iron Man 2 etc

on Thursday, March 18, 2010
I post the occasional trailer but miss a lot out. Here's a catch up of some of the best....and some of the not so good. And no, I'm not going to link to the new Twilight trailer.

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

A brilliant pastiche of Oscar worthy films, executed in a sort of post-modern, reflective manner. Feel free to play "spot the film"....Rain Man, American Beauty, The Shawshank Redemption etc.

Four Lions

From the genius mind of Chris Morris (The Day Today, Brass Eye...and err Nathan Barley) comes a satirical take on a British terrorist cell. So many laugh out loud moments in the trailer culminating in a ridiculous in-car singalong to a track we all love to hate. Release: 7 May (UK)

Iron Man 2

We get to see a bit more of RDJ et al following up on their fun times from the first film. The plot this time seems to be RDJ and Don Cheadle in a tag team match against Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke, with some Scarlett Johansson on the side. It's all about the briefcase armour thing though. Release: 30 April (UK)


This trailer is hot off the cutting room. Time for another bunch of humans to get brutally murdered at the hands of Predators. But this time not on Earth. Yay? Release: July (Worldwide?)

The Karate Kid: Even though we've had enough shitty films in The Karate Kid lineage, the first trailer for this reimagining didn't look so bad. The new trailer brings back my reservations. To put it politely. Jackie Chan with facial hair is cool though.

Robin Hood: It's an obvious yet still necessary joke that this Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe offering is essentially Gladiator 2.

Legend Of The Guardians: Unlike many, I'm a fan of Zack Snyder's work. But a $100 million feature on CGI owls seems like a bad move.

A Nightmare On Elm Street: Jackie Earle Haley is one of the best actors around so it'll be interesting to see his interpretation of Freddy Kreuger in this remake of the iconic horror series. Not convinced yet.

Future X-Cops: Sci-fi meets action meets Oriental cinema meets incomprehensibility. Somewhat amazing. Read Christopher Stipp's intrigue over at /Film.

Suck: While I'm not pointing you to the Twilight trailer, I am pointing you to this vampire rock comedy. It features cameos from Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop and Moby. Nuff said.

Tron Legacy: Click the link for what I already said.

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