Buried Treasures: Andrew WK - My Destiny

on Monday, April 12, 2010
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Words: Saam Das

Song: 'My Destiny' by Andrew WK

Andrew WK aged 17 years old
Credit: guardian.co.uk

Last week, cult pop star/wacky personality Andrew WK shared a song from his youth that had been hidden away since the 1990s on The Guardian website. Not only that, he told the story about how 'My Destiny' resulted in a juvenile restraining order.

Cynics pointed out that he'd only decided to finally release the song when he has a new album out. Others, such as myself, were more concerned with the material itself. But not concerned in a Daily Mail sense, more intrigued. Andrew WK's always been an interesting bloke (see here for an example of his shenanigans) but I've only really enjoyed a handful of his songs. Most notably, 'Party Hard' and 'We Want Fun', two particularly hyperactive moments in Andrew's career.

This new song 'My Destiny' has really come out of the leftfield. Contrasting his typically zany but affable attitude, this is dark. Really dark. Written when he was 17 and still just Andrew Fetterly, 'My Destiny' was supposed to be an ode to a girl he loved. But it ended up being a ticket to a restraining order.

'My Destiny' is definitely creepy. But the combination of deep, pitch-shifted vocals, throbbing organ and obsessive lyrics ("I will knock until my knuckles bleed") also make this amazing. Submitting this as a school assignment, on the other hand, is pretty stupid and perhaps the resulting restraining order and future therapy sessions are not so surprising.

Of course, this story might be less than true. Regardless, 'My Destiny' shows another side to Andrew WK and is most certainly a buried treasure. As Andrew has shown, sharing is caring. Listen below and download the track over at The Guardian.

Andrew WK - My Destiny (STREAM ONLY)

Andrew WK's new double album 'Close Calls With Brick Walls' and 'Mother Of Mankind' is out now. Order at Norman Records.

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