New Noise: Marina And The Diamonds (Clock Opera Remix)

on Monday, April 26, 2010
99.9% of remixes are utter gash. So it brings me great pleasure when I actually hear a decent one, and even more so when I can share it with all of you.

Clock Opera (Photo Credit: Anna Batchelor)
This remix brings together the incredible talents of Marina & The Diamonds and Clock Opera. Marina always looked destined for success (and her debut album 'The Family Jewels' pretty much shits all over the likes of Ellie Goulding and Kate Nash's recent mixed efforts) but Guy Connelly and his Clock Opera outfit are much less of a cert. Yet almost every song I hear from Clock Opera is better than the last.

This remix of 'I Am Not A Robot' by Marina & The Diamonds has been raved about by Derek "Neon Gold" Davies, who says it's his "favourite remix of all time". High praise, indeed.

I wouldn't go that far but I would say combining the magic of Clock Opera and Marina & The Diamonds is a recipe for success. The Clock Opera remix of 'I Am Not A Robot' accentuates Marina's already wonderfully distinctive vocals and adds a euphoric, swirling soundscape. Beautiful.

Clock Opera have a new single out in June, check out the teaser video for 'A Piece Of String', which I imagine I'll be telling you a lot more about soon. Also, check the embed for a heartwarming version of 'I Am Not A Robot' by that children's choir that done that Phoenix cover. Best music teacher ever. We should definitely start an adult version of that choir. Who's in?

Download a high quality version of the remix from iTunes. 'I Am Not A Robot' is also out as a single this week.

Clock Opera: MySpace // Twitter
Marina & The Diamonds: Website // MySpace // Twitter

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