Singles: May 2010

on Tuesday, June 08, 2010
Words: Saam Das

Standards are slipping. I think this is the second month in a row where this singles column has lagged. Although I have had to write 30,000 words of essays in those two months which was traumatic to say the least. So while life has been pretty abject, bears continue to be the best animals ever. Or at least joint best with elephants. Singles of the month after the jump, including a welcome return from The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and some ace offerings from Wild Palms, Foals and Johnny Flynn.

Wild Palms - Deep Dive (released 17/05)

STREAM: Wild Palms - Deep Dive

I'm always fairly cynical about bands changing their name. Which is a bit hypocritical considering this blog's history. But it inevitably comes down to the music. And this is where Wild Palms excel. With echoes of labelmates The Twilight Sad but even more gloriously compelling, 'Deep Dive' is awash with immersive guitar lines and arresting vocals. Single of the month.

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Love Turns To Hate (10/05)

After some line up difficulties over the last few years, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Eighties Matchbox are back with a killer single. Seriously, this could well be the best thing they've done. They also have a new album out, their first since 2004's 'The Royal Society'. Time to start my one man moshpit.

Johnny Flynn - Kentucky Pill (31/05)
Free download

Johnny Flynn's been around for a while now but I've never really been that enticed by his folky wares. Until now. Did he always have a brass accompaniment? I've obviously missed out. 'Kentucky Pill' is lovely.

Foals - This Orient (3/05)

STREAM: Foals - This Orient

Remember the old jittery, math-poppy and yelpy Foals? Well, they've gone in a slightly different musical direction and Yannis has actually started to SING. Sort of a bizarre mix between Animal Collective and Bloc Party, 'This Orient' is a hyperactive joy.

Chapel Club - Five Trees (31/05)

So some people have noted influences to My Bloody Valentine, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Smiths in Chapel Club. Unfortunately, 'Five Trees' isn't quite the sum of those influences but I still think Chapel Club are one of the most exciting new bands around. The video is terrible though.

Hurts - Better Than Love (24/05)

DOWNLOAD: Catherine A.D - Better Than Love (HURTS cover)

Still not quite sure about Hurts. Especially as they seemed to have engineered their whole career from some kind of underground bunker. But once again, it comes down to the music, and while 'Better Than Love' is more electro-tinged than their previous releases, it still delivers. Enjoy the Catherine A.D cover.

65daysofstatic - Crash Tactics (03/05)
[Free download]

65daysofstatic are one of the most progressively brilliant bands in the UK today. 'Crash Tactics' is yet another amazingly messy glitchy post-rock melee to add to their back catalogue. Brutal.

Babeshadow - Sea Serpents (24/05)

Okay, so 'Sea Serpents' starts out like Razorlight. But that's okay because Razorlight have an eye for a good pop song. Or did a few years ago, anyway. Then it starts to sound like the Mystery Jets. Then Vampire Weekend. Then I was a bit confused. In conclusion, I think I like this.

Detroit Social Club - Prophecy (24/05)

I'm not convinced that Detroit Social Club will achieve commercial success but there's every chance they will. 'Prophecy' sounds a lot like The Sunshine Underground but with even more of a tinge of the Mancunian rave scene of yesteryear.

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