Surfacing: Rapids!

on Monday, October 18, 2010
Words: Saam Das

Rapids! are another of the plethora of In The City bands that I'm yet to feature but they are in the upper echelons of that group. The quintet are from Bournemouth, a fairly popular seaside tourist resort on the South Coast of England. Doesn't it just sound terribly exciting? Cast no aspersions on the feisty and animated Rapids! though.

The band put out a self-released EP (listen to it on Soundcloud, buy here) but are now signed to Heist Or Hit, who you may remember put out a Pomegranates record last year. They are kindly giving away one of those older tracks. 'Maps' mixes the shimmering guitars that made sporadic appearances on Bloc Party's debut album with the frenetic stylings of early Foals recordings.

New single 'Fuses' is more moody, more incisive and Rapids! aren't afraid to mix their math rock with more anthemic elements. The end result is a good 'un. Wikipedia claims that 'Fuses' also appeared on Soccer AM recently. Good enough for Soccer AM, good enough for me.


Purchase debut single 'Fuses' from Heist Or Hit, out on October 25th.

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