Surfacing: To Kill A King

on Wednesday, October 06, 2010
Words: Saam Das

Once upon a time, there was a Leeds band called Kid iD. Why they chose to include random capitalisation is beyond me. And now a pretty redundant question, as they re-emerged in late 2009 as To Kill A King.

Battery In Your Leg got the jump on everyone by talking about the band back in November but since then, exposure has been relatively minimal. Which is a shame as they're actually quite good.

To Kill A King recall the endearing folk melodies of a band like Mumford & Sons, while also capturing the captivating emotional resonance of Frightened Rabbit. With the depressing winter months ahead, To Kill A King provide some much needed warmth.

The band are releasing the debut single soon ('Cold Skin', see the embedded video) but have kindly given us the premiere for a free download of 'Bloody Shirt'. I guess this is an exclusive but I hate that term. Anyway, check it out below.

DOWNLOAD: To Kill A King - Bloody Shirt

Download from Dropbox, if Soundcloud is still being shit

'Cold Skin' is scheduled for a January release.

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