Surfacing: White Sea

on Monday, October 11, 2010
Words: Saam Das

"Just listened to an absolutely incredible track that I randomly discovered on Soundcloud. These are the moments I live for." That's what I said on Twitter a few days ago. Well, I've finally got round to sharing that track with you.

Some people will know White Sea better as Morgan Kibby of M83. I didn't, to be honest. No matter, I've pretty much fallen in love with her. The track I was in awe of is the magically hypnotic 'Mountaineer' from White Sea's debut EP, 'This Frontier'

'Mountaineer' is the kind of track that transports you to another world. A beautiful, heavenly world. 'Mountaineer' somehow manages to find a glorious middle ground between Sigur Ros and eighties power pop, resulting in an anthem so magnificent, I can't seem to go five minutes without yearning to listen to it again.

Not that the rest of the EP is vastly overshadowed either, with 'Overdrawn' being another particular highlight. You can listen to/download the EP in the embedded player below or simply download 'Mountaineer' from the Soundcloud embed below.

'This Frontier' is available for free download thanks to Urban Outfitters but you can also support Morgan by purchasing the EP on

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