Singles: October 2010

on Wednesday, November 03, 2010
Words: Saam Das

Another storming month for singles this October. Although one in which I need to address a significant bugbear of mine. October saw the release of Cee-Lo Green's 'Fuck You' or to anyone below the age of, let's say....12, 'Forget You'. Now people have been touting this as a single of the year, let alone single of the month.

For the most part, it is an utterly brilliant song. The swearing kind of washes over yet I seem to have problems with the use of the n-word (in whatever spelled form) and although I guess the argument is that it's empowering for certain people to use the word, it just reminds me of all the horrifying hardships that so many people were put through mere decades ago. Am I being an idiot? I probably am. Feel free to tell me. But read about my favourite singles of October first...

Let's Buy Happiness - 'Six Wolves' (18/10)

STREAM: Let's Buy Happiness - Six Wolves

I recently said some nice things about Newcastle band Let's Buy Happiness and 'Six Wolves' is arguably the best thing they've done yet. There's something magical about 'Six Wolves', when the handclap-inspired bridge begins, I'm transported to another world. A majestic, melody-laden world. Single of the month.

Broken Records - 'A Darkness Rises Up' (18/10)

Often touted as the British version of Arcade Fire, this single may just have proved just that. Epic, pulsating and anthemic. Perhaps a statement of intent for new album, 'Let Me Come Home'? Also, the single title sounds a bit like 'The Dark Knight Rises', the title of the next Batman film.

Maybeshewill - 'To The Skies From A Hillside' (04/10)

STREAM: Maybeshewill - To The Skies From A Hillside

The lack of reception this single has received is tremendously sad as this is perhaps the finest material I've heard from Maybeshewill yet. The band are now onto their third album and this instrumental post-rock odyssey puts them on a par with contemporaries such as 65DaysOfStatic. Monumental.

Pegasus - 'Ribena' (25/10)

Almost feel obliged to write about this purely because it has Ribena in the title but it's actually rather nicely done synth-pop-punk. "I drink coffee, not just Ribena". This isn't really a positive, caffeine is terrible for you. Not that I work for Ribena or anything.

Little Comets - 'Isles' (18/10)

DOWNLOAD: Little Comets - Isles (Orchestral Version)

I must admit that I thought Little Comets would have exploded into the mainstream by now with their infectious indie-pop. Instead, they've returned, after a brief period away sorting out label problems, with a "mature" offering. The orchestral version is a particular delight, giving 'Isles' an overwhelming sense of grandeur. Even better, it's free to download.

Kings Of Leon - 'Radioactive' (11/10)
[Watch on YouTube]

A lot of people have been shitting all over Kings Of Leon. Pigeons too. But I rather enjoy 'Radioactive' with its widescreen pop ambitions and in spite of its ridiculous choral sections. And the video is so silly, they've even decided to disable embedding.

OK Go - 'White Knuckles' (11/10)

7 million views on YouTube. They've done it again. But I disagree with the people who "hilariously" point out that OK Go videos are so much better than their music. Well, at least in this case, with its funk capturing the essence of Space Cowboy's 'I Would Die 4 U' as well as delivering a 'Digital Love'-esque solo.

The Paper Scissors - 'Lung Sum' (19/10)

STREAM: The Paper Scissors - Lung Sum

I spent ages trying to remember the title to this single or even the band name. What I did remember was the brilliant "for air" lyrical hook. But I'm glad I persevered because 'Lung Sum' is a pulsating anthem that could see them follow fellow Australians The Temper Trap onto wider success. Here's hoping people actually hear it....

Mr James Bright - 'Let's Go'

STREAM: Mr James Bright - Lets Go

Mr James Bright appears to have a fairly unique style, bringing together folk and dance, ending up with something of great warmth and excitement. Another fine release on the Tape Club Records label.

Surfer Blood - 'Floating Vibes' (25/10)

I try not to use the word "awesome" too often. But when you're talking about a magnificent American band like Surfer Blood, it's hard not to. The lyric "put it in your fucking napkin" is quite awesome. They pull off sounding like Vampire Weekend and Pavement extraordinarily well, despite the vast differences between those two bands.

Paris Suit Yourself - Craig Machinsky (11/10)

STREAM: Paris Suit Yourself - Craig Machinsky

This is possibly an ultra serious tirade against racism but its repeated refrain of "cos my skin is black" is a bit much. However, the music here is quite breathtaking and induces a sense of disturbia, which someone like Gonzales would do well to replicate.

The Joy Formidable - 'I Don't Want To See You Like This' (11/10)

STREAM: The Joy Formidable - I Don't Want See You Like This

Fresh off an NME Radar tour, The Joy Formidable finally seem to be getting the recognition they deserve. The new single is characterised by some insanely frenetic drumming only to be soothed by Ritzy's smooth vocals.

Films Of Colour - Actions (04/10)

STREAM: Films of Colour - Actions

I'm sort of conflicted about the whole stadium pop vibe, I mean I really enjoy some of Coldplay's stuff but even their debut material wasn't quite going for the "big sound". Films Of Colour have decided to thrown themselves in at the deep end. But they sound like a bit (of a more melodic version of) White Lies who adopted a similarly forthright approach with their early material. Stadiums or bust?

I've mentioned a couple of other singles recently so click on the links to hear more about Paper Crows - Stand Alight (11/10) and Mojo Fury - The Mann (26/10).

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