Surfacing: Young Circles

on Sunday, November 14, 2010
Words: Saam Das

I love Florida. The best holiday I ever had was when I was about four years old and spent a few weeks with family in Orlando. It was mainly amazing due to the wonder of automated garage doors, and Disneyworld. I still remember hugging Goofy, Mickey etc. But I'm not sure I've ever posted about a band from the area. Until today, and the new incarnation of a set of Florida veterans. They're Young Circles (actually Miami based but anyway) and their debut EP is set for release in January.

Young Circles are pretty genre-defying. They like to mix and match. 'Sharp Teeth' starts off in an unpromising manner before launching into dirty Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-esque riffs. The vocals often appropriate some sort of pseudo-rap style, contrasting the blissed out melodies that also appear. None of it really makes sense but it's compelling to listen to, and leaves you yearning for more.

The other EP tracks promise to be somewhere between DJ Shadow and Blur. Could be great, could be rubbish. Only one way to find out....

DOWNLOAD: Young Circles - Sharp Teeth

'Sharp Teeth' is on the debut release by Young Circles, the 'Bones' EP, which is out in January 2011.

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