Stuff: November 2010

on Thursday, December 02, 2010
This is just random stuff that Team FG think you might be interested in. Check the tab at the top of the page to see if there's new "stuff" to check out.

Last updated: November 30th.

CHRISTMAS BAZAAR: Not only did Los Campesinos! have a generous Christmas merch sale (I missed out on all the best stuff) but they're also giving away a recent-ish b-side. Download below:

DOWNLOAD: Too Many Flesh Suppers by Los Campesinos!

O, RLY: Slightly unhinged but talented film director David Lynch has released a single. Seeing as it won't be appearing in the monthly singles round up (as I'm not really a fan), pop over to FACT to have a listen. (Nov 29th)

MAGIC: In 2011, the BFI will be showing all 50 of Disney's feature animated films. Here's a trailer for all of them: (Nov 28th)

O, RLY: Band is guaranteed £500 for a show. Promoter pays them £480. Band goes apoplectic and posts promoter's phone number on internet for fans to abuse promoter. Interesting reading. (Nov 27th)

OOH: The Streets/Mike Skinner only went and wrote a track in response to a blog post over at The Guardian. (Nov 26th)

RULES: As an extension of their BBC radio show Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo have drawn up a code of conduct for all cinema goers. Take note. (Nov 25th)

FREE STUFF: Volkswagen are back with their second See Film Differently event, apply for tickets to see 'Get Carter' in Newcastle. (Nov 24th)

WTF: Henry Hanrahan returns with another of his edited videos, this time taking on some of Nicolas Cage's ridiculous (but often enjoyable) acting mannerisms. (Nov 23rd)

OOH: Nicki Minaj samples The Big Pink's 'Dominoes', a single that I still think carries a certain oomph despite being played 4 billion times. As a result, I quite like this track. Listen on Soundcloud.(Nov 23rd)

O, RLY: Pitchfork have given the new Kanye West album a 10.0, perfect score. A big deal? (Nov 22nd)

SAD TIMES: The occasionally-featured-on-FG Sir Yes Sir sadly called it quits. Final gig in Manchester on the 24th. (Nov 22nd)

KNEEJERK: The internet (and to a large extent, Joss Whedon) is up in arms about the proposed 'Buffy' reboot. It worked alright first time round. (Nov 22nd)

O, RLY: Rough Trade announced their 100 Best Albums of 2010. In November. (Nov 20th)

FREE STUFF: Have a free Gang Of Four EP courtesy of The Guardian. (Nov 20th)

O, RLY: Apparently, there's a remake of 'Judge Dredd' being shot right now. Here's the first photo of Karl Urban as Mr Dredd. (Nov 19th)

FILM SCHOOL 101: Director's Notes has a brilliant guest post on what it's like to be a first time feature director. (Nov 18th)

FREE STUFF: I obviously missed the memo where long time FG fave Banjo Or Freakout announced he'd be putting out a record on Memphis Industries. To celebrate the news, here's a free mp3.

OSCARS 2011: Fifteen potential animated features are in with a chance of winning Best Animated Feature in 2011. If you ignore that 'Toy Story 3' is 99% likely to win. (Nov 16th)

OOH: What if George Romero's 'Night Of The Living Dead' was a choose your own adventure? Well, now it kind of is. (Nov 16th)

O, RLY: Alan Partridge gives his first interview for a decade to Shortlist. (Nov 15th)

FREE STUFF: Download the new album from mash up master Girl Talk here. Attempt to access the cached copy if the website is down. (Nov 15th)

LOLZ: Cheryl Cole (Tweedy?) gets a pasting in Shoreditch. Somewhat literally. (Nov 14th)

NOSTALGIA: What would a live action version of the Nickelodeon cartoon 'Doug' look like? (Nov 13th)

ME: Forgot to mention this before, Saam got a shout out on Go Into The Story, the popular screenwriting blog. (Nov 12th)

FREE STUFF: Pete Doherty might be back in The Libertines but ever wondered where ex-Babyshambles dummer Adam Ficek went? Well, he's a solo artist now and here's a free download of a track off his debut album. (Nov 11th)

O, RLY: In perhaps the greatest news of all time, Dick Van Dyke was saved by porpoises. (Nov 11th)

NEW RELEASE: Matthew and his widely respected Pigeon Post blog is now a label. This is his first release. (Nov 11th)

FREE STUFF: Liam Gallagher's new outfit (along with some of the other ex-Oasis chaps) Beady Eye have released a free download. S'alright. (Nov 10)

FUTURE OF CINEMA: Lovefilm now lets you stream films on your PS3. This is the future, my friends. Streaming media. (Nov 10)

FREE STUFF: Florrie is giving away a free EP on her website. Remarkably, it doesn't feature a single remix. FINALLY. (Nov 10)

BLOG: New US based blog Popstache has kicked off. Will be interesting to see how it develops. (Nov 9)

CHARIDEE: The Mosaic Rooms in London are hosting a charity screening for a documentary entitled '12 Angry Lebanese' (which is actually related to '12 Angry Men') next week. (Nov 9)

LOLZ: Check out how 'The Social Network' should have ended in the embed below. Be sure to watch the very end.

VIDEO: Over at Edgar Wright's blog, there's an incredible 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' Q&A, moderated by none other than Guillermo Del Toro (Nov 7th)

O, RLY: Based on just two images, I'm going to redundantly say the new Muppets movie looks like it could be fun. Could do without the iPhone product placement though. (Nov 5th)

FREE STUFF: Urban Outfitters are giving away a free 25 track compilation via iTunes, including the likes of No Age and Crocodiles. (Nov 4th)

LOLZ: Ah-nuld isn't going to be Governator of California for much longer. On the evidence of this reimagining of 'Commando' as a musical, perhaps he should make it onto Broadway? (Nov 4th)

FREE STUFF: Clash magazine are giving away a free compilation on their Facebook page, featuring Trophy Wife among others. (Nov 4th)

VIDEO: Watch David Fincher directing 'The Social Network' over at Slashfilm. (Nov 4th)

O, RLY: Taylor Swift has sold over a million copies of her new album in a week. Last I heard, home taping was killing music sales. (Nov 3rd)

LOLZ: The Guardian pokes fun at the new trailer for 'Unstoppable', starring Chris Pine and Denzel Washington. (Nov 3rd)

VIDEO: Check out the 'Get Him To The Greek' comp we're running and this pastiche music video from the film: (Nov 3rd)

SXSW: The first bands for SXSW 2011 have been announced. (Nov 2nd)

OOH: Playbutton is a music player that's a badge. Pretty amazing. Will be interesting to see it in practice. (Nov 2nd)

THE PRICE IS RIGHT: Simon reviewed the Bayonets album favourably and now that it's sold out, it can be had for any price at Bandcamp. With the chance to win free merch too. (Nov 2nd)

O, RLY: Total Film have reinvented the tube map with film names. (Nov 2nd)

BEHIND THE SCENES: These New Puritans played a show at The Barbican in London recently with a full orchestra, a children's choir and watermelons covered in crackers? (Nov 2nd)

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