BBC iPlayer: Le Diner de Cons (1998)

on Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Director: Francis Veber
Cast: Thierry Lhermitte, Jacques Villeret, Alexandra Vandernoot, Francis Huster

SYNOPSIS: "Screwball French comedy. Each week, successful Parisian editor Pierre Brochant (Lhermitte) enlivens his comfortable but boring life by organising an 'idiots dinner', to which every attendee must come in the company of an entertainingly stupid guest." (

In an impressive feat of foresight, the BBC are showing 'Le Diner de Cons', the original French version of 'Dinner For Schmucks', which is out on DVD this week. You might have seen our competition to win three of those DVDs.

This French original is widely regarded as superior to the American remake, and having seen it myself many years ago, when I wasn't even that into films - let alone foreign language ones - I can affirm that it is a most enjoyable farce.

Indeed, it was probably my overriding highlight of studying GCSE French, which I was never particularly fond of despite a reasonable competence with the language. I've obviously forgotten it all by now but hey, that's the beauty of subtitles. And at a mere 75 minutes long, it's definitely worth checking out this surprisingly charming film.

Watch 'Le Diner de Cons' until 00:14, Friday 28 Jan 2011. UK users only.

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