Listen: The Chapman Family - 'Anxiety' [New Single]

on Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Words: Saam Das

It's been a while since The Chapman Family came into view (their debut single was released in 2007) but lately they've probably been more (in)famous for their outspoken views. That could all change with the release of their debut album, 'Burn Your Town', out in March.

The band's lead singer Kingsley Chapman seems to be a man happy to court controversy - see this article railing against just about everyone, albeit with some quite poignant comments. There's more here too, if you're interested. However, in a similar manner to how I don't worry too much about image when assessing bands, I'll let the music do the talking. And new single, 'Anxiety', talks the good talk.

'Anxiety' tempers Mr Chapman's punk attitude somewhat, almost internalising his anger. "And they say your best isn't good enough" seems something like Chapman's personal mantra in response to his critics. Whether he can inspire the youth in the way he hopes remains to be seen, for this moment in time though, 'Anxiety' is an oddly upbeat anthem that we can get along with. And if all else fails, there's plenty of golden quips on their Facebook page.

STREAM: Anxiety by The Chapman Family

'Anxiety' is out on 28th February, followed by the debut album 'Burn Your Town' on March 7th.

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