BBC iPlayer: WALL-E (2008)

on Wednesday, January 05, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Director: Andrew Stanton
Cast: Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard

SYNOPSIS: "In the distant future Wall-E is a small waste collecting robot, the last remaining on a now abandoned, rubbish-soiled planet Earth. When a strange but beautiful robot visitor arrives from space, Wall-E wants to make friends and inadvertently finds himself going on the adventure of a lifetime." (

I'm sure you're all familiar with this animated escapade, 'WALL-E' being another one of Pixar's fantastically successful feature animations. So I don't really need to say much to encourage you watch the film. Even though I prefer director Andrew Stanton's other feature 'Finding Nemo'.

Unsurprisingly, WALL-E received plaudits for opening with a sequence of around 40 minutes which composed of next-to-no dialogue from its central characters. Of course, everyone overlooked the massive plot hole in the rest of the film - EVE would never go out with WALL-E because he can't bloody say her name properly. But not everyone shares the same psychological scars that I do, so I have no doubt that if you haven't seen 'WALL-E' yet then you will greatly enjoy it.

The splendid chaps and chappettes behind the BBC iPlayer service have also been ever so kind as to provide us the Pixar short of 'BURN-E'. As with all Pixar shorts, it's a must see, and 'BURN-E' ties into the actual film rather nicely. Much like another Pixar short which is also available on the iPlayer, 'Jack Jack Attack', from 'The Incredibles'.

Watch WALL-E until 16:29, Saturday 8 Jan 2011.

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