Listen: New CYMBALS EP - Don't Forget To Smile

on Wednesday, January 05, 2011
Words: Saam Das

I said some nice things about London band CYMBALS here last year and they've opened 2011 with a new EP that's free for download. It's more of a remix EP though, with four remixes of 'Good Luck' accompanying its original version and a 4-track demo.

Now you should know my stance on remixes by now (I basically hate 99% of them, and may prove this statistically one day) but the two other tracks on this 'Don't Forget To Smile' EP are pretty special. The 4 track demo of 'Good Luck' is a joyously understated acoustic track, while the Pavement influence makes more of an impression on the electrifying finished article.

Be sure to check out their brilliant cover of Pavement's 'Summer Job' below and all. And for more on the band, who've opened up since they first emailed me way back when, read this interview from Matthew Pigeon Post.

DOWNLOAD: Cymbals - Good Luck

DOWNLOAD: CYMBALS - Kennel District (Pavement Cover)

Expect a physical release from CYMBALS on Tough Love in the near future.

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