Behind The Scenes: True Womanhood

on Sunday, February 06, 2011
Behind The Scenes is a series of interviews and guest blogs, where artists give us insight about their work in a specific industry. Here, Noam of True Womanhood discusses their "REAL 2 REEL" project and why they've decided to release their music in a non-traditional manner.

Some time last autumn we acquired our lovely Tascam 388 from a woman in DC who was cleaning out old "junk" from her house. It needed a bit of minor repair and we'd never recorded on tape before but it sounded like our kind of thing--we're all a bit sick of looking at computers all day and going analogue seemed a good way to counter that (plus, we got it 4 cheap!).

The idea behind the REAL TOO REEL project is that rather than save up a bunch of tracks and put them out all at once, we'd put each one up online as soon as it was finished so it'd be brand new and fresh and so people could hear the natural progression of our song writing. Rather than going through a studio type process we are recording in our own home straight to the tape machine and the results are going directly online to your ears. It's a way of bringing us closer to our listeners - we don't have a label or a PR company working for us which means more work for us but also means we're in direct contact with the outside world without intermediaries.

'Minajah' is the first of the R2R songs, we wrote it pretty much in a single day. Here's the pitch for it: This is the first song to come off our recently restored reel to reel monstrosity and the first in a series we are calling REEL TOO REAL. The song is called 'Minajah' and it was inspired by the recent creation of the Moombahton dance craze, right here in DC. We didn't use Ableton like everyone else because we are idiots and we thought we could make electronic music using live instruments patched through effects pedals.

Also, Stevie Wonder shook our hands the day we bought the synth that this song was played on and told us it was a good choice. His magic apparently rubbed off. (We are not kidding. This is a true story. His hands smell like sandalwood.)

In the coming weeks we hope to put out some more brand new music from the project including some covers and other experiments (we've never done a cover before!). We'll be sure to keep you updated and you can check our Soundcloud and tumblr as well for news.

STREAM: True Womanhood - Minajah

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