Listen: Selene - You Are Here [Free Download]

on Saturday, February 26, 2011
Words: Saam Das

I enjoyed 'Moon', the debut feature film of Duncan Jones (the son of David Bowie, if you didn't already know), but felt that its Clint Mansell soundtrack/score eclipsed the visual aspects of the film. Max Tannone was so inspired by the film and its soundtrack that he teamed up Brooklyn rapper Richard Rich to produce a hip hop EP based on the film.

You might remember Mr Tannone from his Jaydiohead project but this EP actually engages the themes of the film - like isolation and self-realisation - making it a pretty unique concept-focussed collection of tracks. Listen and download the whole thing in the widget below, although I'm only really a fan of the first track, 'You Are Here'.

DOWNLOAD: Selene by Max Tannone

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