Surfacing: Ellie Makes Music

on Friday, February 11, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Ellie James makes music, alright. In fact, Ellie Makes Music should really be called Ellie Makes Wonderful Music. She's a rare talent. An acoustic singer-songwriter that manages to invoke passion and capture imaginations, and not simply bore a listener to death with dull warblings. And we're lucky to be giving away an *EXCLUSIVE* (apologies for using this hideous word) download of her beautiful new track, 'Secrets'.

I realise the term "acoustic singer-songwriter" will have some of you running for the hills. But perhaps I can ease your tension somewhat by saying that there's some of the same magic that I heard in Laura Marling's early material in Ellie Makes Music. Oh and just a reminder that we were pretty much the first blog in the world to write about Ms Marling, when she was just 16.

Ellie's only 17 herself so I don't want to build her up too much and she's actually more concerned about making it through an unsigned competition so the comparisons will end there. Instead, simply enjoy the heartfelt 'Secrets' with its warm harmonies and glorious melodies, downloadable below for a limited time.

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Ellie Makes Music - Secrets

What a lovely way to start your weekend. And if you like that, check out her YouTube covers too.

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