Surfacing: Under Alien Skies

on Thursday, February 24, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Prestatyn is home to not only a Pontin's holiday park (the phrase "rubber dinghy rapids" keeps coming to mind) but also to Welsh duo Under Alien Skies. They've been much championed by Jamie over at Music Fans Mic and Simon Sweeping The Nation. A few other blogs have come along and picked up the baton but the band still remain fairly unknown.

With a new EP coming out this week, 'detached01', I've decided it's about time that I throw my support behind Under Alien Skies. They certainly have an experimental vibe that most identifiably recalls Animal Collective yet there's often a hypnotic serenity to their music, somewhere along the lines of The Famed Chillwave Movement Of 2010.

The band aren't afraid to disrupt the serenity by adding in almost antagonistic instrumentation, as evident on the free-flowing 'detached01' EP. I'm more of a fan of their more straight forward poppier tracks, such as 'Bloodsport' below. And even then it's hardly straight forward at all. Hopefully, Under Alien Skies will continue to keep us on our toes for quite some time.

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Under Alien Skies - Bloodsport

Download 'detached01' for free at Bandcamp, where you can also purchase the EP in ltd ed cassette format.

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