Download: Duologue - 'Get Out While You Can' [EP Teaser]

on Thursday, March 10, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Back in November, Duologue got the Surfacing treatment for their experimental industrial meets orchestral sound, evoking comparisons to Thom Yorke and Patrick Wolf. Now Duologue are back, and have also thankfully lifted the curtain slightly on their outfit.

The London-based quintet are set to release their eponymous debut EP on May 5th, and are giving away its lead track, 'Get Out While You Can', as a free download. It's a track that exemplifies the confusing (yet engaging) approach of Duologue with elements of everything from blues to the glitches characteristic of the likes of 65daysofstatic.

The EP apparently goes in several different directions, with more apparent dubstep and Aphex Twin influences. I get the feeling it'll still be a bit of a leap into the unknown. Take a baby step by downloading the track below.

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Duologue - Get Out While You Can

Download two live tracks at

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