Listen: Death Cab For Cutie - You Are A Tourist [Album Teaser]

on Monday, March 28, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Today, new material from Justice and Death Cab For Cutie dropped. I prefer the new Death Cab For Cutie track so you can listen to that below. I believe it's the first official taste of their forthcoming 'Codes And Keys' albums, scheduled for release at the end of May.

It might be a bit too MOR for older Death Cab fans but as only a casual listener, I'm quite enjoying it. It's kind of the song that latter day, stadium rock Kings Of Leon have been aspiring to and largely failing - although I still think the ridiculousness of 'Radioactive' made it work. Anyway, put your previous conceptions of Death Cab away and see what you think of 'You Are A Tourist'.

STREAM: DEATH CAB for CUTIE - You Are A Tourist [Album Version] by ATL REC.

For more details on the new record, head to

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