Surfacing: Glyphs

on Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Words: Saam Das

For some reason, I keep thinking Glyphs are Welsh. They're not. They are Mark Walsh and Matt Wilkie, originally from Liverpool but now residing at the Southerly end of the Victoria Line in London, aka Brixton. The duo produce an impressively unpredictable brand of electronic music, with everything from a folktronica influence to heavy dubstep seeping through.

That probably doesn't sound like everyone's cup of tea - particularly people who read this blog. But bear with me. The band are giving away their debut EP (six tracks!) for free so in amongst the variety, there should be something of interest.

In fact, opening track 'On & On' should succeed immediately in drawing your attention - beginning as a folk ditty before turning into a bouncy experimental track, ending up somewhere in between Animal Collective and The Postal Service. Not bad going.

If the heavier dance thing is more your style then the EP progresses much more in that direction after the opener. I'm more into the folkier vibe though so it'll be interesting to see whether they embrace that element further on their new stuff. For now listen to (and download) the EP in its entirety below.

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