Short: One Take Reverse Film 'Tick Tock'

on Thursday, March 03, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Normally the phrase "student film" turns me off immediately but the gimmick of 'Tick Tock' unravelling in reverse (in one take!) meant that I gave it more of a chance. The film explores what you would do if you only had five minutes to live.

I'm glad that I gave it a chance as Ien Chi's short works well, despite being five minutes in length. The unnecessary demonstration of the film's themes is probably the worst thing about it but others have commented on the font and the Steve Jobs quote at the end too. I'm with you guys, Ien should have ended with a Ke$ha quote instead. See what you think of the embed below.

'Tick Tock' won Best Picture at the Oxford College Of Emory competition.

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